The basic tenets of our winemaking philosophy, and of our approach to the world of wine, are:

  • Accept challenges
  • Research ceaselessly
  • Break the models
  • Never be content


It is on these principles that we have based all the work that we have carried out over these 30 years of wine, travels, conviviality, and hospitality.

Today, then, we are pleased at what we have achieved, but we are always looking for new horizons. We would like to tell you our idea of wine by sharing with you what we do every day and the attention we devote to vineyard management. Here’s what we do, day by day:

  • We do not use weedkillers
  • We work the earth and we cut the grass
  • We collect the pruned canes and use them as energy sources
  • We keep generous spaces as woods to protect biodiversity
  • We use bottles made from recycled glass and packaging materials made from renewable resources
  • We are gradually replacing our conventional roofs with green roofs to slow the flow of rainwater
  • We emphasise use of heat pumps and natural gas for heating interior space
  • We use solar panel installations for the electrical energy we need


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