who we are

We cultivate our own vineyards,
we make our own wine

We love our own land, our own corner of earth, which is also our house, and we respect it through how we care for our vineyards and how we handle our grapes, the fruit of our earth that brings to life wines that are representative of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene growing area.

We strongly believe in the qualities and the versatility of traditional grapes of our growing area.

For that reason, we have always been committed to producing different interpretations of sparkling wines, different styles, different versions of wines that are foamy, fizzy, or fully sparkling, with or without sediment, classic method or Charmat method, but wines that respect our grapes and our growing area, never refusing to try our hand at something new that appears.

The conscientious winegrower
drinks the wines of his colleagues

We are also importers and distributors of modest but valiant wine producers that we have discovered over years of traveling and tasting. From Champagne to Bordeaux, from Spain to Slavonia, we have selected wineries that have intrigued and excited us.

Today, our history is interwoven with theirs, in an adventure of discovery and understanding that allows us, from our own hills, to open for you a much broader and diverse wine panorama.

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