Our vineyard is an intimate combination of environment and landscape, a work of both nature and man, and there we find the heart of our winemaking vocation. Respecting our vineyard and the environment of which it is a component is crucial for achieving that masterpiece of equilibrium, producing a wine, that is, that displays at one and the same time the personality of its terroir and that of those who make it.

Making wine means controlling the natural process of fermentation, ensuring that the the fruit gives birth to a beverage, a food, that must of course be good but also and above all be healthy. Then there is the pleasure and the history that every wine enfolds within itself and conveys to us in every sip. The terroir and its history should be expressed in every wine and all that goes into its creation: traditions, approaches, and the efforts that they generate.

We consider, believe, create: these three words constitute the synthesis of what Bellenda is all about, who we are who work there, our family, and our close bond with our land.
We love exploring the vast world of sparkling wine. That is a world that holds an enormous fascination for us and enables us to express ourselves in so many ways: sparkling or semi-sparkling, with or without sediment, classic or Charmat method can be woven and combined together, depending on the fruit from the vineyard, on local traditions, or even on a simple desire to try one’s hand at something never before attempted.

We reduce to a minimum the products we utilise in the vineyard, restricting ourselves to those approved in the Viticultural Protocol of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a document created by a panel of experts, whose goal is to promote and protect the growing area and the beauty of its landscape. We know that we still have much to do as we travel the path towards sustainability, but every day and every action are further steps towards a better relationship with nature.

To reduce our environmental footprint:

  • we do not use weed-killers in the vineyard. Rather, we work the soil and mow the grasses;
  • we recover the vine prunings and utilise them for producing energy;
  • we preserve large areas of woodland on the property to encourage biodiversity;
  • we utilise recycled glass for our bottles and recycled packaging materials obtained from certified renewable sources;
  • we are gradually replacing conventional roofs with green roofs to slow the off-flow of rain;
  • we try as much as possible to use heat pumps and natural gas for heating spaces;
  • the electrical energy we use comes almost entirely from our solar panels.

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